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Soaring competition in government colleges are not less than a nightmare for some students who inspite of scoring high couldn’t make it to the Delhi University's cut-off lists.

That craze, zeal, and desire to be called a DU student vanish in a jiffy when one can't make it to their dream college.

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A career as an architecture engineer is promising, satisfying, lucrative and financially rewarding, and has a lot of potential for rapid career advancement.  It is a high paying career that gives professionals the opportunity to display their creative potential to the maximum. 

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It is , however, extremely important to note that the word here on which extra special emphasis should be laid is ‘quality’ as a degree in engineering from a low grade engineering school can irrevocably damage your career. There is no dearth of low grade engineering schools in India who have set shop to make some seriously good money in real quick time.  A degree from these fly by night operators are devoid of any prestige and usually carry little or no weight  in the job market. Pass out from these institutes neither get a good placement opportunity in campus nor are entertained by good companies when they try finding a well-paying job on their own. 

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Remember the cute and chubby Panda from China who taught us that insurmountable odds can be overcome if we display the right attitude and show an inherent belief in our abilities. You may also remember watching and immensely enjoying with your family all those wonderful movies like Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda, The Chronicles of Narnia, Monsters vs Aliens and many others.  These all are striking examples of the magic that we collectively refer to as Animation.  In fact research and studies suggest that animation industry in India is expected to grow at a pace faster than IT in coming years. This may sound a bit incredulous at first, but all the data and statistics indicate that this in truth is going to be the case in not too distant a future. Animation industry as such has immense scope for people who are creative by nature and love to create magic.

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Engineering students may find it a little bit difficult to digest initially, but nevertheless it is a fact that the challenge of picking up a right engineering college is as difficult, if not more, than clearing an immensely tough engineering competitive examination.  There are hundreds of engineering colleges available and as such choosing one that perfectly complements your skills sets and your career aspirations may be a bit tougher than you actually think.  

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Not everyone can get into prestigious colleges like IIT. Students who aspire to become engineers have several options to choose from. Infact, with engineering colleges there is a problem of plenty. It becomes a task to select from so many engineering colleges in Delhi NCR and other places. Selecting a right college can help tremendously in one’s career while one wrong decision can have adverse effect.

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Architectural engineering also known as building engineering refers to the art and science of designing buildings and related physical structures. Architects design your everyday home, office, shops to imposing structures like dams and bridges. In simpler terms architecture is related to planning, designing and construction of building and architectural structures. A striking feature of this discipline is that encompasses several other engineering fields and a good architect must possess good knowledge of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering along with fire protection among others. This discipline focuses on a variety of areas related to designing a physical structure like analysis of heating and air conditioning system in a building, strength and structural integrity of the building, design of fire and electrical protection systems, energy saving issues, etc. 

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While watching animation films have you ever wondered what goes into the making of these films, how are these characters made and how is life infused in them. If yes, then animation can be a good career choice for you.

Animation is all about creating illusions and shape change. It is a combination of art, aesthetics and skills. 2D and 3D effects are created through animation.

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Selection of a law school that perfectly complements your attitude, skill sets, and career objectives is a serious matter and deserves your undivided attention. In fact, admission in any institute of higher learning must be done after careful planning, research and introspection.

More often than not students try to gain admission in an institute based solely on its brand value and reputation in the market. This approach by and large cannot be fully criticised as the reputation a law, management, engineering or any other school enjoys is a strong pointer to the education and the placement the institute offers. The point here is that, it however, should not be the only criteria on which you should base your decision. 

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There are many questions in a student’s mind for his or her future once they pass senior secondary school. Even if one is clear about doing engineering, the next dilemma is to choose the branch for the same. Most students go by the job prospects of the field while making this decision, interest and aptitude could get ignored in the process. Sometimes children gets buckled down due to parents’.

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