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Baskets, feather dusters, brooms, furniture, accessories and clothing apparel: these handicraft products are just a few of the basic needs of people today. Young Filipinos are also fond of wearing accessories made of native materials such as beads, shells, and others. This is an indication that Filipinos are resourceful and that the Philippine handicraft industry is needed by the Filipinos nationwide.

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The Philippines with all its riches distributed all over the archipelago has made its regions abundant of an individual product. This product has provided the Filipinos a living and at the same time enhanced their sense of creativity to make a product out of something.

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The abaca stalk is the primary source of abaca fibers. The tuxes are taken from the outermost part of the leaf sheath then the fibers are extracted with the use of a stripping machine or for some hand-stripping.

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With all the God - given skills, making use of your inventiveness can lead to great success. Making it means making your future. With a pure Filipino spirit of making something known, a very popular kind of painting is recently the newest inclination of all art forms.

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Summer has always been a much awaited season where everyone's rushing to the beach. While beaching has been too mainstream, we suggest another summer getaway you might want to enjoy.

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The Philippines has 7107 islands, and every island has something unique and beautiful to offer all our senses. The country is also famous for its Pearls. Thus, Philippines literally represent its name 'Pearl of the Orient Seas.'

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When you are moving into a new home, or you are thinking of refurbishing a lifeless space inside your home, wallpapers is the number solution we all think about. Yes, wallpapers are indeed a quick fix to give life and color to a dull space. However, if not handled properly, you might end up wasting money and not getting the result that you have already laid up in your mind.

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When thinking about vacation hot spots in the Philippines, the first that comes to mind are the famous Boracay, Enchanted Kingdom, or maybe the other well-known places from the north. But lo and behold, something from the south awaits to be discovered! The proud and loud Surigao offers you a lot and so much more than you expect. Here are the fascinating and awe - inspiring nature spots that would surely tempt you to go all the way to Surigao del Norte and del Sur

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Wander! Discover the Philippines to its deepest soul with its historical traces you’ll surely be amazed of! Whatever beauty the Philippines has today, we can never conceal the tragedy it has been for over a hundred years ago. Never has it been less painful, but today, people can see the positivity behind those tragic memories time has created. To recall, here are the Philippine historical places which have soon become a tourist destination:

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Presently, we are not only living in a digital world but also in a plastic ruled world. Everywhere you see, plastic products are scattered which is a bit alarming. No wonder why the quality of most products today are questionable and it is also not a surprise why there are still many people who chose plastic over other materials because products made of plastic are way cheaper.

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