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The Citizen Promaster Divers watch has a normal time mode and a dive mode with an indicator located on the left at the 9’Oclock position. There’s a date and a day-of-the-week display on the right at the 3’Oclick position.

By: citizenwatchesart@gmail.coml Fashion l September 17, 2013 lViews: 214

When you first look at the Citizen Skyhawk Radio Controlled watch, you would be forgiven for wondering it is a remote control to fly a plane or perhaps even a rocket.

By: citizenwatchesart@gmail.coml Jewelry l September 30, 2013 lViews: 238

Since 1986, the Citizen Watch Company has held the distinction of producing the highest number of watches every year. Citizen offers a wide ranging collection of timepieces ranging from fine chronographs to formal watches in two tone style.

By: citizenwatchesart@gmail.coml Fashion l October 21, 2013 lViews: 274

The Citizen promaster chronograph watches are the perfect mix of design, technology and professional usefulness. Aimed at the professional scuba diver, it incorporates a sophisticated depth meter and plenty of dive measurement functions to accompany it.

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Citizen Eco-Drive watches have a simple, yet revolutionary concept – they never need a battery change. The watch captures the energy from any natural or artificial light source and converts it to electrical energy that runs the watch.

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The Citizen Watch Co. is known to produce some of the best, most innovative and affordable timepieces you could find. Several websites sell a variety of watch brands but few focus on selling a single brand.

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For almost a century, the Citizen watches online Company has been creating innovative timepieces that not only tell the time but offer other useful features as well. Citizen is famous for its Eco Drive technology where natural light powers the watch.

By: citizenwatchesart@gmail.coml Fashion l February 13, 2014 lViews: 227

Citizen Eco Drive watches are without doubt finely crafted timepieces that are extremely durable and accurate. Citizen Watch Company is well known for its revolutionary 'Eco Drive' technology where natural light is used to charge the battery that powers your watch. It means you never have to replace your Citizen Eco Drive watch battery ever.

By: citizenwatchesart@gmail.coml Fashion l May 13, 2014 lViews: 207

Ever since its launch in 1989, the Citizen Promaster Collection of watches is acknowledged for its superlative durability even in the most difficult environments and its ability to perform accurately in a wide range of sporting fields. Classic designs and advanced technology of Citizens Promaster watches is apparent in the Citizen Promaster Land Collection, The Citizen Promaster Air Collection and the Citizen Promaster Sea Collection.

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Combining a stylish design with desirable features, the Citizen watches are the perfect companion, whatever the occasion. Citizen Chronograph watches incorporate the stopwatch function with timekeeping abilities making this timepiece ideal for the sporting enthusiasts. 

By: citizenwatchesart@gmail.coml Fashion l June 26, 2014 lViews: 251