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Sunday, July 22, 2018

What Are the Career Options After a Bachelor of Ayurveda?

Think opening your own clinical practice is your only career option with an Ayurveda certificate? Here are several reasons to think again!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018 by williamwoods03 3 weeks ago
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When most people think of getting an Ayurveda certificate, they believe their only options after graduation will be to begin their own practice. In years past, this may have been the case. However, with the growing trend toward holistic, natural and alternative medicine – and the increasing awareness and popularity of Ayurveda, itself – there are numerous choices for what to do with your Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. Ready to see what options are open for you? Read on!

The Clinical Setting

The most obvious option for those with a BAMS degree is to pursue a job working directly with patients. If having your own practice is what you're hoping for, it's certainly an option with this bachelor degree under your belt. With less of a time commitment required than other degrees allowing for this type of career in the medical field, Ayurvedic degrees are attracting more and more students every year!

Education and Instruction

Of course, with the increased interest in Ayurveda and related sciences, many people with the proper education choose to use it to educate or instruct others. Even many of the professionals who elect to have a clinical practice may add instruction to their repertoire as a way to boost business and put their skills to even better use.

One of the primary goals in the teachings of Ayurveda is to go on to share your learning with others after you've mastered the practice and lifestyle yourself. For those who are interested in doing this, education is a great choice. Others may enjoy guiding clients in the more lifestyle-oriented aspects of Ayurveda, such as nutrition counseling, meditation and yoga and more. For these professionals, instruction – through independent facilities or as part of a clinical practice – is an excellent way to help others find success.


Any time there is a "new" form of medicine or therapeutic practice, scientists, academics and doctors will put great focus on researching both the techniques used and the effects they have on patients. Knowing the effectiveness of a practice or lifestyle is important. As a medical professional, you never want to recommend a practice or lifestyle to someone without having it well-researched beforehand. Providing this testing and observation of both clinical settings and anecdotal scenarios to practicing professionals around the world is important work, and a great choice for those who would like a hands-on application for their skills that isn't on the front lines of working with patients.

Additionally, many bachelor students who study Ayurveda go on to study other forms of holistic and alternative medicine, and these students may go on to apply their knowledge of various medical practices and techniques toward the creation and improvement of new drugs, procedures and more.

Ready to get your Ayurveda certificate? Contact your local school of science and natural medicine and ask about Ayurveda programs available. While study might not be available in your area, local schools may offer remote study programs with financial assistance for certain situations. Call today! The options for a graduate of Ayurvedic degree programs are growing every day, so don't get left behind!

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