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Thursday, August 16, 2018

4 Reasons why you should go on a Pripyat tour

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018 by collins.john 2 months ago
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Most tragedies result in destruction and loss of lives. The nuclear tragedy in Chernobyl was no different. It hit Chernobyl and hit it to its core. It resulted in deaths and brought the towns of Chernobyl and Pripyat to their knees. They crumbled under its watch. In fact, this tragedy made humankind vulnerable. It exposed humankind to almost the point of extinction. On the international nuclear event scale, Chernobyl nuclear meltdown is considered one of the most notorious. Nonetheless, out of this dark and life-threatening tragedy, Chernobyl gained something fundamental. Exposure to the world which with time made it a dark tourism spot. As a result, Chernobyl has greatly been embraced as a tourist hotspot by many individuals who visit the site of the nuclear meltdown. Here are 4 reasons why you should go on a Pripyat tour https://go2chernobyl.com/en/.


1. A tour of Chernobyl church

This church has withstood the test of time. It has managed to withstand the cruelty of the nuclear meltdown. It still stands tall despite what happened thirty years ago. Known as St. Elijah church, continues to be a place of worship for devotees.

2. Encounter a real picture of reactor four

Want to know where the nuclear tragedy started? Then you have to visit Chernobyl and take a look at reactor four. The reactor is now covered with a concrete sarcophagus to prevent the remaining radioactive particles from further spreading into the exclusion zone. Visitors can only get as close as 200m to the sarcophagus.

3. See the red forest

Maybe you have only heard about the red forest in Ukraine from your history lessons. Or read about it in history books. It actually exists. When reactor four exploded, most of the radioactive dust was channeled to the nearby forest comprising pine trees. Most of these trees absorbed the radioactive dust and were killed by it. In the end, the forest turned into color red. You can only view the red forest from afar but not take walks due to the risk of exposure to radioactive elements.


4. It is a safe tourist destination

Can you visit Pripyat? Certainly, you can. It is expected for people to have uncertainties aboutvisiting the exclusion zone and the neighboring villages such as Pripyat. This is because of the fear that radioactive levels in the exclusion zone are still very high. Well, there are some parts of the exclusion zone that are still radioactive. All in all, tour guides who organize Pripyat tours ensure visitors only access the safe areas of the exclusion zone. Every person entering or leaving the exclusion zone is screened. The tour operators also advise visitors to not touch anything or sit down in the exclusion zone. These measures are taken for the purpose of maintaining the safety of visitors. Indeed the exclusion zone is a safe site to explore. You can even plan a stay overnight as accommodation is offered at a hotel which has been renovated to house the many tourists who flock to the exclusion zone.

In summation, Chernobyl tours orient you to the Ukranian world. They broaden your worldview on many aspects of life especially tours to the exclusion zone.

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