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Top Attributes Every Pro Photographer Should Possess

Being a good photographer is certainly much more beyond learning technical photography skills or buying expensive camera gear. Here’re some attributes which you should possess to be a better photographer than the rest.
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Being a good photographer is certainly much more beyond learning technical photography skills or buying expensive camera gear. Here’re some attributes which you should possess to be a better photographer than the rest.

If you think owning expensive photography gear or just mastering your camera makes you a good photographer, you cannot be farther from the truth. There are several inherent qualities a pro photographer is expected to have, and these attributes make him a better photographer than others. As they say, beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes, a good photographer finds beauty even in the most unexpected places and portrays that beauty through the images captured.

Some qualities might differ based on the niche you’re in. A newborn photographer, for instance, should have the patience and gentle behavior to properly handle the newborn and the mom, while a sports photographer needs to be quick and agile to capture the best shots during a game.

The key attributes, however, will always be same, whether you want to a wildlife photographer or the Los Angeles maternity photographer.

A perfect Mix of Imagination and Creativity

Photography is an art. And like an artist who creates paintings, a photographer too needs a creative mind and good imaginations to capture beautiful and meaningful photos. The key is to look at the subject with an artistic mind, and observe the situation from different perspectives. A close look at the surrounding and a creative use of your imaginations may help you observe a story/event that you can convey in your pictures. The key composition rules undoubtedly play an important role. But in the end, your creativity and imagination will be required to yield those startling results.

A Keen Eye for details

Another quality a professional photographer must possess is a keen eye for detail. To capture the best shot, it is imperative to keep you elements within the set up – the subject, composition, lighting, background, props used and more – are in synergy. A good photographer should carefully examine even the tiniest detail” said Tiana who is a reliable and most sought-after maternity and newborn photographer Los Angeles, USA.

“Having keen eyes for details ensures the best utilization of everything you’re surrounded with. Be it the lighting, emotion, background or the subject itself, every element should be properly examined before getting behind the camera. The overall cohesiveness is significant in capturing the perfect photograph,” she added.


Patience is the Virtue

No matter how much you try to control every variable, things just won’t go your way at times. There will be days when the lighting won’t cooperate, when your models or clients will be exceptionally difficult, or when your camera just won’t give you the desired results.

A good photographer clicks a million shots just to get one perfect photo. This is the patience level you should possess. Many times, things just don’t go your way. The angle might not be perfect even after trying hard, lighting is not suitable, or even the subject doesn’t cooperate. But you as a photographer should never lose your patience and wait till you get the desired result. Patience is even more crucial during a newborn and maternity photography Los Angeles session, as the newborns are often exceptionally difficult to handle and you cannot be rough with them.

Passion and Persistent Determination

Passion is what sets you apart from the rest. Whatever niche you’re in, your passion to become the best and a determination to reach to that level matter the most.

“Your passion to do the best always shines through your work. Why I am in this profession is because I simply love to capture the photos of babies and children to create lifelong memories. And soon this love blossomed into a passion. Meeting new people, witnessing families grow, and capturing the beauty and innocence of new life – these things excite me a lot and I satiate my craving through maternity and newborn photography Los Angeles.” Tiana said.

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