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An Insight Into Salesforce Knowledge

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Thursday, July 5, 2018 by Ravindra785 2 weeks ago
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Salesforce Knowledge is the ultimate support tool for service agents, partners, clients and website visitors by building the knowledge base. Today, many business problems can be solved with DevOps principles. The salesforce knowledge enables the salesforce professionals to generate and handle an organization’s information and safely share it where and when it is needed.

Knowledge Articles

The salesforce knowledge base is developed from the information documents known as knowledge articles. These articles can incorporate data on the process, like how much storage is supported by the product. The experienced internal writers and service agents write the articles. These are then published to numerous channels: public websites, partner and customer communities or Internal App. What and where data is published depends on the field level security and article layout profile.

Managing Salesforce Knowledge

As of Spring 2017, salesforce knowledge is available in both salesforce lightning and classic experience. At present, Beta (lightning knowledge) is recommended for existing orgs or for orgs new to the knowledge that can consolidate easily to one type of article, utilize single-language model and have limited data categories.

It is vital that the individual company’s requirements are examined while building a strategy for publishing and capturing the expertise of the support team. Customers can themselves solve their problems and also can receive the service much faster with a strong knowledge base. The development of salesforce knowledge is a “choose your own adventure” methodology. There are many options and features that can be chosen from these which the users feel is right for their enterprise.


If the enterprise consists of knowledge user licenses and if one user license is assigned, he/she can start building their knowledge base. To make sure a company has knowledge user licenses, From set up, type company in the Quick Find box and then select “Company Information”. A list of knowledge user licenses is displayed near the bottom of the page, in the Feature Licenses related list. If the customer-support agents are allowed by the organization to generate salesforce knowledge articles, Apex can be used for pre-populating fields on the draft articles. For this purpose, generate an Apex class and allocate it to the case article type.

If the managed packages are installed by the company from the AppExchange, the users can specify which managed package version to utilize with this class. For all the versions, they can use the default values. This relates the class with the Apex’s latest version and with both managed package and API. The users can define a managed package older version if they need to access functionality or components that differ from the latest version of the package. To preserve a particular behavior, an older version of Apex can be specified.

Knowledge Article Types

Article types like tutorials and FAQs provide the structure and format to state how an article gets displayed for each audience, also known as the channel. For every article type, the users can select a template for every channel, customize the layout by removing or adding fields and sections and create custom fields. Approval processes and workflow rules can also be created to help a company manage and track the article publication as well as creation. The article type specifies how an article gets displayed and what kind of data fields are included.



The users can observe and filter different components of information like status, category and sub-category of the articles

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Salesforce knowledge is available in Developer and Performance editions and in the Unlimited edition as well with the service cloud. Salesforce is gaining extreme popularity day-by-day due to its innovations which are effectively utilized by many organizations around the world. Many people are looking to start their careers in salesforce as it ruling the market now. People who get trained in salesforce and obtain significant expertise can have a very bright future as organizations are preferring experts in salesforce. Thus, people looking for a lucrative career can choose salesforce.

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