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The ICO fundraising technique is discovered by ethereum back in 2014, ICO is not latest technology but the growth of this tool comes in 2017, Initial coin offering  means to raise the funds for a startup or new ideas, this includes the process in which, organization creates a token and distribute it online. The situations has changed that  every businessman or organization is ready to work on the ice advanced technology to registered their firm or business. In market, ICO development company is increasing day by day.

2017, marked as an ICO (initial Coin Offering) year. According to the worldwide records, $5.6 billion was raised through ICO in the previous year, with the 450 successfully project, raising an average of $12.7 million.

In a business nothing matters but a real challenge is marketing.

After the success of 2017, most of the icons decide to promote their project in ICO in 2018. most of the reputed organization and experts declared that the market for ICO is uncountable in 2018, due to the success of last year.

The difference between success and failure in a ice is more often than not in the marketing. Plan of strategy to market your ico project from day one is absolutely essential apparently more important than the actual product.

Always remember that your products may change but the perception of your team and your project unusually survives bad first impression.

A successful ico marketing operations use a number of different marketing channels, to the extremely latest advanced techniques used in marketing.


Launching a Successful ICO

How to classify your token as an asset

There are two broad areas that you must first consider.

Are you issuing a utility token or a security token?

  • A utility token will provide access to a product or service

  • A security token is an investment

ICO Private Sale & Pre sale

These are token sale events designed to raise funds prior to the main crowd sale.

What is a private sale

A private sale event usually consists of founders and core team members conversing with their advisor and pitching the project to crypto funds,

Investors usually ask for the greatest discount.

What is a pre sale

A pre-sale event can be used as a means to test and validate whether crowd investor will be invested or not. If you reach your goal you are ready for the real deal a global campaign. Pre-sale is also a method to raise funds for the project.

Some ICO expenses may include:

  • Paid advertising

  • Smart contract development

  • Hosting events

  • Recruitment.

A whitepaper that attracts investors

The first step in the time of launching a successful ICO is to create an ICO white paper

  • What the project will do upon ICO completion

  • Information on the project

  • Token allowance and division

  • Capital needed to begin the project

A motive of this whitepaper is to tell the story to define the business problem and solution.

A lead generating website for your ICO

We recommend using WordPress due to the vast community of developers available to you and the plug and play nature of WordPress plugins. Both of will come in handy when you want to add functionality to your site down the line.

Create profiles on social networks popular with ICO projects.

Brand awareness is key to successful ICO campaign. Create a profile on social channels and open to communication with people, and increases brand recognition.

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Facebook

  • Reddit


Tips for a Better ICO

Have a engaging story to tell

You have a product and now you need to tell the world about it. To make your ICO story interesting or attractive engaging and understandable in a way that will inspire people to buy your product.

Know your audience

A strong ICO marketing strategy still needs to be concentrated in the right market segments to produce the best and most cost-effective outcomes.


If your offer is not transparent, it could well at as a repellent towards potential investors. People want to know exactly what they are buying into and the people behind it. A lack of transparency will reduce interest and negatively affect the amount of money you are able to raise.


The agreement is an area that is becoming frequently important for CIOs in 2018 and beyond. Rules and regulations are being put in place which will need to be adhered to. Performing a complaint process as per the SEC guidelines, from the very beginning can only help your long-term ICO strategy.


In this blog our topic is how to promote your ICO,  We have briefly explained the most and easy concept in our blog to the success of your business. according to 2017 success of ICO so many companies used to strategy to success a business, most of the experts say that some of the upcoming year ICO is more excellent. In this digital world, technology is more powerful to use and achieve your dream goals.

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