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Technostruct presents BIM model: The future of construction industry

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Saturday, July 7, 2018 by technostructllc 2 weeks ago
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The construction industry is an ever growing industry and experts claim that by 2025, this industry is going to expand manifolds. This is one industry that depends on data exchange. Few decades earlier most of the work used to be exchanged either on paper documents, blueprints, concept drawings or on 2D CAD drafts. However, BIM has changed all of that. It is driving the construction industry through digital data.


Standard project handover, is the USP of BIM. However, BIM has other features also which are yet not explored elaborately. BIM integration is one such aspect that needs a comprehensive study. And it is not exaggeration when we say that BIM integration is a valuable proposition for the construction industry.


If we integrate or in layman terms add;  ‘enterprise resource planning’ (ERP), with BIM, then it helps in streamlining the whole process and cutting costs.  BIM helps in aiding design while ERP assists in understanding the costs that will be incurred. So, while BIM model provides tells about the quantity of materials required, ERP allows financial reporting and  management of inventory.


Shop drawings, needless to say, are an important requisite for construction industry. Architects, and engineers refer to BIM model for construction. BIM models provide shop drawings which are more informative and feasible than architectural renderings.


BIM outsourcing has become a popular choice globally. The reasons are obvious.  It is a known fact that shop drawings are formatted only when the projects are validated. Getting an inhouse BIM model to create shop drawings costs both, time and money. This is where BIM outsourcing comes into the picture. It is a reliable, efficient and cost cutting method.


 Talking of BIM outsourcing, Technostruct is one enterprise that has been an ace in providing BIM model to the AEC industry over the years. It provides 3D shop drawing to the construction industry which is feasible, reliable and state of the art.

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