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Why You Should Switch To Vape Today!

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Sunday, July 8, 2018 by zqcig 2 weeks ago
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People are quite aware of what cigarettes can do for their health. It's time for all the nicotine lovers to quit whatever they are smoking and switch to vape. Vaping is a harmless way by which you can enjoy the feel of smoking without causing any harm to your life. There are numerous top rated vape pod system available today which look really good, have a variety of flavors and are completely harmless. If you are looking for one such top-rated vape, then the ZQ Vi pod system is what you need. Why so? Because its features are unparallel. Take a look at the reasons why it is the absolute best.

Reasons Which Makes ZQ Vi Pod System The Best

  • The refillable pod has a variety of flavors. So whenever you get bored with one flavor, simply switch on to another flavor. This way you can get to try out new things every other day.
  • CSA technology for the airflow. This groundbreaking Vape pod technology systematically guides the airflow via a mesh that is honeycombed. For your utmost protection, there is organic cotton filter provided so that any harmful element of the smoke gets trapped in it and you only get the pure, clean smoke that is generated from the vape.
  • The ZQ pod is cellular in nature owing to the spiral mechanism for airflow. Which brings out a unique taste which is a brand new experience even for the experienced vapers?
  • The vape pod system uses CBD oil, general flavored juice, and nicotine oil. These three elements prevent the coil from getting burnt, so the coil is really durable and long lasting in its true sense.
  • The magnetic feature is useful as it holds the cartilage, in place, firmly and prevents the vape from dismantling.
  • It can be adjusted in two voltages according to individual use, requirement and also there is a smart feature that protects the vape from various kinds of dangers like temperature and voltage overload, power discharge, and so on.
  • The 650 mAh battery runs for a long time. The ZQ pod capacity is of 2ml, and it runs on a 7 W to 13 W powers.

Thus the ZQ Vi pod, Juul vape, best vape pod has much more to offer than what is asked for. Thus everyone should switch to vape immediately because of these amazing features. If you are not convinced yet let's take a look at some of the bigger advantages of vaping. It is not harmful; it is non-toxic and completely nicotine free. There are arrays of new features which are powered by brands like ZQ. One has the provision to change flavors. The amount of smoke can be adjusted by adjusting the voltage. Lastly, it is a onetime investment, buy once and keep it for a lifetime.

So these reasons are too attractive to ignore. Switch to vape today and lead a better life.

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