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Custom Packaging & Flexible Packaging Solutions: Paharpur 3P

Paharpur is 3P one of the leader in custom packaging, flexible packaging and etc. Paharpur 3P is also known for its packaging innovations which have been brought about by the company, revolutionizing the packaging all over the country.
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The trend of flexible packaging started in the turn of nineteenth century when the plastics were discovered for the first time. Early 19th century was the time when everyone was worried about finding the suitable material for the transportation and storage of their daily use products, and paper, cloth and other natural or naturally derived products were porous or non-water-resistant, which made it difficult for people and the discovery of plastics magically solved all the problems of people in general and soon, the trend of custom packaging by the use of flexible materials took hold soon after, turning it into a multi-million dollar industry, which has grown even bigger in past fifty years, more than ever. In India, Paharpur 3P is popular for providing flexible packaging to almost all the industry where it is needed.

The simplest form in this is pouch packaging in which the pouches of various materials are made and different items are packaged in those which can be transported and even stored without the worries of getting the item spilt or damaged by mixing with something else or even spoilt by microbial action. Plastic packaging is preferred as plastic is a very hard barrier and keeps the item packaged in it intact. Paharpur 3P is the largest provider of this kind of packaging in India and it supplies to both small and large industries irrespective of their order sizes, serving the businesses of the country.

Paharpur 3P is an expert when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, as it needs a contamination free aseptic packaging to prevent any changes in physical or chemical properties of the packaged item. For this purpose, foil is used for packaging the pharmaceutical products. The foil prevents sunlight to penetrate the packaging, it also protects it from any minute temperature changes which might be critical for it.

Paharpur is also known for its packaging innovations which have been brought about by the company, revolutionizing the packaging all over the country. It is evident in the form of spout pouches or stand up spout pouches which can be stores effectively and reused as per the need without getting messy. Another innovation brought about by Paharpur 3P is for food packaging, where the taste matters the most. Any ready to eat food and ready to drink beverage has to be packaged in a way that its original taste remains intact and the way to achieve that is to use a retort pouch, which is made by layering different materials like polythene, paper and foil to make a hard to penetrate packaging, which kept the quality and taste of the item packaged unchanged from the day of product packaging.

Some items need to be packaged with specialized techniques, like tea packaging is done using vacuum technique which prevents moisture and air degrade the aroma of tea for months, until opened. Similarly for coffee packaging, airtight sealing of the packaging is required so that it is not caked by the action of moisture. For oil packaging though, the simple pillow pouches are used but the material for it is highly specialized to be tamper evident so that oil spillage can be prevented instantly.

Paharpur 3P has dominated the packaging market for three decades with its new and innovative packaging products with customized print, becoming the first choice of clients all over the country.


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