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Samsung Printer Fails to Print from a Mobile Device - how to fix it?

Samsung Printers are one of the most used printers of today's era. These printers bring about performance aspect in the printing, and they are economically really reliable. But there are times when the user faces issue with it. They fail to print via mobile devices. In situations like these the user can follow these steps of article.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018 by dianawesli 2 weeks ago
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Samsung Printers are recommended for a kind of reasons. They are economical when it arrives on the market. According to several users, Samsung Printer was one of the most reliable and user-friendly devices. No matter if the printer is aged or a non-Wi-Fi model, the user can print from a phone or tablet anytime they want. Accurately what the user can print depends on a particular situation. Samsung printers have brought an advantage to the user where they can print from the devices to that of a manufacturer's recent models. But often users face the issue where they want to print via n their mobile devices and they fail to do so. Hence in situations like this, the user can contact Samsung Printer Support number after following the following steps:

The reason why Samsung Printer fails to print from a Mobile device

The Samsung Print Service Plug-in enables printing from the Android device to the HP printer over a Wi-Fi network or using the Wi-Fi Direct connection for printers that support that connection type. When this plug-in is not enabled, the user faces this issue. To solve it then the user can follow these steps:

Step - 1 Check the Requirements

•    Before the user installs the Samsung Print Service Plug-in, they have to verify if the printer and the Android device satisfies the following criteria:
•    Hardware set up is essential. Therefore the printer should set up its hardware.
•    The printer is attached to or connected the similar wireless network as the Android device, or Wi-Fi Direct is enabled on the printer and the Android device.

Step -2 Turn on the Samsung print service plug-in and install it as well

•    The vital step which includes the installation or updating of the Samsung Print Service Plug-in is essential. Verify that the plug-in is turned on the Android device. Now install or update the Samsung Print Service Plug in.
•    Once the installation or update is finished, select an order to turn on the Samsung Print Service Plug-in. If this is the first time that the user has installed the Samsung Print Service Plug-in, then they have to swipe down from the top of the Android device to present the notification dashboard. Just tap on the option which states enable
•    If the user has already updated the Samsung Print Service Plug-in, select the "Settings" option and then, touch more option, now go to the option which says "More networks" and click "More settings" and then select print or printing.
•    Select Samsung Print Service Plug-in, and then select on.

Step - 3 Samsung print service plugin printing

Begin by opening the item that the user wants to print, select the menu icon, and then select print.
•    A print preview screen shows.
•    Hit the down arrow to observe the printer list.
•    Tapping the down arrow to view the printer list
•    Select your printer by touching print over a network option; choose HP from the list that is available for the printers.
•    Selecting the printer network connection
•    Select the down arrow to change any print settings, and then tap the Print icon.

If the user still faces issue with the Samsung Printer device, then they can now contact the Samsung Printer customer care number. They can provide their users with a detailed version of the solution.

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