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What Makes Rustic Vanities Increasingly Popular to New Generation

In general, distressed and reclaimed woods are often artificially and naturally found in weathered condition making them look rustic. The aged and seasoned hardwoods might be somewhat new and are used to produce rustic furniture and fixtures. Among the varieties, rustic vanities have high demand to new generation homeowners due to their organic feel with magnificence that becomes a focal point of a luxury or simple bathroom.
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Trees around us not only provide us the natural oxygen, but embrace an enormous part of human lives, nourish ecosystem, modernize our lifestyle and bring history. With the inclusion of invaluable reclaimed woods in the form of rustic vanities to homes, you can almost seamlessly bond your abode to the nature and introduce a sense of individuality, boast history, foster ecological sustainability and enjoy the beauty of organic texture.

Why Should You Choose Rustic Vanities?

You Love the Environment

Employing distressed lumber reduces the demand of cutting down the virgin trees that help in preservation of forests rather than deplete them. We are quite aware of how conversation of newly harvested trees has become essential to save our environment, let the creatures foster pollination and avoid deforestation and draught. By adding rustic vanities and other distressed furnishing you not only pride yourself of being a nature enthusiast but communicate the message to others to lower the impact on environment with increasing use of recycled woods instead of new ones.

You Love Giving Old Woods New Life

As per studies, it’s crossing one billion feet aged reusable lumber pieces come out of demolition of old properties. The amount is always uprising due to remarkable growth and mounting demand of residential and commercial complexes all over the United States. As you buy rustic vanities made of old solid woods, you basically stay away from buying new sets and bring home its exclusive alternative. The highly enduring rustic fixtures can be nicely passed through generations with their vintage look intact.

You Love Preserving History

Rustic furnishings produced from distressed woods are, in fact, sourced from the knocked down houses, old barns, and warehouses etc where the American heritage live. Outfitting your master bath with great collections of rustic vanities echoes those history that owners can be proud of. If you are one of those who are passionate of antique collections, there is no second option of decorating your home with these historical lumbers.

Rustic Woods Are Distinctive

Every piece of rustic wood offers timeless beauty, a distinct natural feel that differs amid and can never be replicated. They display random characteristics not only with their distinct color and texture but combining with varieties of nailing marks, tissues, cuts; their rough, distressed appearance can easily beat the glamour of polished new generation furniture pieces. Every wooden part of rustic vanities has its own identity, look, appeal, and history which make them superlative.

They Are Stronger and Durable

Old weathered woods that come to you as rustic vanities are far stronger and durable than the class of lumber that are available today. One good reason of their toughness is that most of these wooden pieces are derived from collections that received absolutely no or negligible amount of air pollution.


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