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How to ensure you’re getting the Best Quality Timber Furniture for Outdoor

Timber is an undisputed first preference for every kind of furniture whether it is for the indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial purpose. Consequently, its demand is rapidly increasing but supply remains lesser due to the limited resources.
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Timber is an undisputed first preference for every kind of furniture whether it is for the indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial purpose. Consequently, its demand is rapidly increasing but supply remains lesser due to the limited resources. Also, many carpenters supply inferior wood after polishing it with different chemicals. At first sight, it is difficult to identify the difference between a good quality and inferior quality. Nowadays, the manufacturers of outdoor timber furniture in Melbourne offer numerous options for timber quality. For the outdoor purpose, it is essential to choose the best quality timber otherwise the furniture will bloat out due to climatic impacts.


Before going further, you need to know about the timber options that are currently trending in the market for furniture manufacturing. 

1)    Mature wood of old trees

Mature wood means the timber obtained from mature trees which are old enough to give you a rustic texture as well as strong too. Generally, the price of Outdoor Timber Furniture Melbourne is much higher as compared to all other options and the scarcity is higher. This is an ideal option for outdoor timber furniture in Melbourne if processed perfectly.

2)    Immature timber

As illustrated from name, this kind of wood is obtained from immature trees especially harvested for furniture manufacturing. Due to the inflation in demand, the trees are cut down before they become able to produce the quality timber/. Consequently, its strength is also less and the texture will be white.

3)    Engineered wood

Engineered wood can also be considered as manmade wood with different compositions. Typical plywood is the perfect example of engineered wood that has upper and lower layer of natural wood, whereas inner layers are made with sawdust, wood fibre and chemicals. 

4)    Recycled timber

This one is the smartest option for obtaining mature timber at an affordable price. The mature outdoor Timber Furniture for Sale never loses some of its qualities like toughness and texture if preserved with care. Even the decades-old furniture which is broken can also be used as an alternative to new mature timber. The useful pieces of timber are obtained from old furniture to give them a whole new shape by assembling. If the carpenter is an experienced person, you will get great quality timber at a nominal price.


How to Identify the Best Quality Timber

1)    Check the End Grain

An engineered wood is made up of many natural as well as artificial components thus its inner core will easily illustrate the genuineness. While cutting a piece of natural wood, its inner core will illustrate the same lines. The end grain timber is very strong and can be used for manufacturing Outdoor Timber Dining Furniture that remains unaffected by outer weather conditions.

2)     Termite Resistance Treatment

Termite is the biggest enemy of timber no matter how expensive it is. Furniture used in the outer environment is highly prone to these pests. Thus, it is essential to check whether it is adequately treated for termite resistance or not.

3)    No Moisture

The timber that you are using for furniture manufacturing must be dried thoroughly before used in manufacturing. If the inner core of timber is moist, it will surely change the shape in different seasons. For example, moist Outdoor Timber Dining Furniture automatically bends in monsoon whereas small cracks in fibers occur in summer season. In this way, your whole investment on the best quality timber will go worthless.

4)    Check for Natural or Artificial Texture

Nowadays, replication of every original thing is trending. With the latest techniques of copying, you cannot differentiate between real and fake. To give a rustic look to engineered or immature wood, people draw patterns that are identical to the rustic look of vintage furniture. Scratch it from a hidden corner and peel of the coating thoroughly. If it is a fake one, no texture will appear on the inner layer.

5)    Weight and Hardness

The hardness of a good quality outdoor Timber Furniture Melbourne will illustrate whether to buy or not. Timber obtained from mature trees will be hard as well as much heavier than immature timber or engineered wood. You can compare the weight of a plyboard with a block of good quality timber. This will give you an idea to distinguish between real and fake wood.

6)    Texture and Colour

Wooden furniture is the first preference just because of its unique texture and colour. Make sure that it has a great texture pattern with any of the options like oak, maple, rosewood, walnut or mahogany. You can check their texture on the internet to make sure that seller is not fooling you with a fake thing.

7)    Source

It is essential to identify the source of wood before making a decision of buying. Most of the wooden furniture is obtained from immature trees because of the extensive demand. It is lightweight, soft and week as compared to quality wood. Ask the manufacturer for its source. Make sure that the timber for outdoor furniture must be obtained from trees like walnut, cherry, Dalbergia or oak etc.

8)    Reliable Carpenter

It is important to confirm that the carpenter you are choosing as a good track record. In the locality, you may find a lot of people who previously purchased the outdoor Timber Furniture Melbourne and using it on a regular basis. If the manufacturer is available online, you can check the reviews on star rating sites like Glassdoor and yelp.

9)    Experience

Experience matters most because an untrained person may ruin the whole piece of good quality timber. While choosing recycled outdoor Timber Dining Furniture , it is essential to make sure that he has enough experience in identifying the useful wood from useless furniture items. If recycled wisely, it can be the best and budget-friendly option as compared to any other timber.

For outdoor furniture, you need to be double sure about its quality because changing climates affect badly. If you are looking for a quality option in budget, then choose the online portal of Neel Dey Furniture workshop. Here expert carpenters are available to provide you best quality recycled furniture for residential and commercial purpose.

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