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Odd Lifestyle in Various States

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018 by timbetancourt 2 weeks ago
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Here are some peculiar features and laws of various states in the USA:

In NEW MEXICO it is lawful to carry a six-shooter while traveling. But you must put it safely away within half an hour after reaching your destination. Why half an hour? I have no idea, unless it's to give you legal time to dispose of any citizens who might be personally obnoxious to you.

In SHAWNEE, Oklahoma, it is against the law for three or more dogs to congregate on any private property.

Families occupying separate dwellings in HUNTINGTON, West Virginia, are not allowed to use the same garbage can.

Roller Skating on the streets of MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, after 8 p. m. is illegal.

In GARY, Indiana, it is against the law to ride in a tramway within four hours of eating garlic. In MINNESOTA, men's and women's underwear must not hang on the same clothes line.

They talk in NEW YORK of a man who lost both his sons — "One died and the other went to live in Philadelphia." A new addition for Confucius Say In America now is new thing called "status symbol" - American man must have one wife, two cars, three children, four pets, five suits, six acres, — and is lucky to have eight cents in seven credit cards his pocket.

If Mr Albert Einstein is interviewed in front of a microphone, the announcer will introduce him thus:

Tonight we have in the studio Mr Albert Einstein, the famous scientific guy. Hiva, Albert, it's mighty nice to meet you. I want to ask a few questions. First of all, Albie, what about relativity? Don't look so worried. Come on, Bertie, don't be shy.

Quoted from the article at the web page on Culture (Specific Laws and Tips of Living in States).

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