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Study abroad: What a college student needs to know

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Source: If you’re considering study abroad, here are some tips to help navigate the process:

It will be even more expensive than you think.

In addition to the program cost, you have to budget for airfare, food, cell phone plan and excursions (because the best part of study abroad is the side trips). You may think you are done paying for the program — and then I you getexpenses, saying we owed a $350 administrative fee for their part in helping to organize the trip.

Scholarships are available through most study abroad programs and universities, but it takes time to ferret them out and apply. Start very early.

Keep your grades up! At my son’s university, you have to have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible to get academic credit for a study abroad program.

Start the application process early. You might be shocked about how many forms you have to fill out, how much documentation you must provide and the approvals you need. It can be frustrating, so it’s important to stay calm — and organized.

Make sure you have the appropriate travel documents. For some countries, a passport is enough. For others, you’ll need a visa. It’s important to start that process — you guessed it — early.

Figure out your phone plan. Check with your provider to see if it has reasonably priced international plans. If not, check into buying a local phone and plan. (Your study abroad program should have good deals on these and can offer guidance.)

Let your bank and credit card company know ahead of time that you will be in another country so you can use your cards without any problems.

 Except this there are many things you need to be careful about please do read the complete article from the source provided. And for a more practical approach and complete package for your convenience do talk to our experts , this will definitely help you feel confident about your preparations.

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