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Converting A No-Marriage Yoga Into Wedding: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

No marriage Yoga or charts negating marriage can upset any marriage aspirant & the family. But nothing to worry,
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 by Sanjeev9 1 month ago
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No marriage Yoga or charts negating marriage can upset any marriage aspirant & the family. But nothing to worry, I have seen many such horoscopes & cases where the same have been converted into Good Marriage Yoga. It was 16th of February,2016 when a confident a young female, Yogita (Name changed) walked into my office at 11:10 AM. Why am I mentioning these dates and time with confidence? Well! All the times and dates since one has rung my office are noted down by my supportive staff, as the charts cast out by these times and dates too, give an insight to the problem the native has and also has something to do with its eradication.

No Marriage Yoga

Coming back to Yogita, she had already turned 34, and still, there was no sight of her marriage. She had met many astrologers & had performed many known rituals also but still no success. Had lost all hopes that she would get married. Therefore her apparent & only question to me was “Sir, would I ever get married also or not.

I drawn her chart which were looking something like as below:

Chart negating Marriage

This chart was negating marriage. It was giving an impression of a horrendous marriage even if it happened that too at a later stage. She knew about most of these negative forces causing hindrances in the marriage. And as a result, she had performed many rituals but did not get any concrete results. Therefore she needed a different treatment altogether.

My methods to analyse such issues

I have a habit of maintaining a data bank of all the landmark cases and also of the cases those I see and solve. This helps me in understanding the circumstances further and formulating my dictums by correlating the life events with the other similar charts. Problems, regions, and era segregate my data bank of horoscopes. This horoscope of Yogita was strikingly similar to the horoscope of Malti (name changed), a 1965 born chronic bachelor who had consulted me in the year 2012 for some matter relating to her profession. For her, marriage was a dream and for which she had stopped bothering for at least last ten years.

My insight on the issue


I was quick to presume that the fate of marriage for Yogita can be similar to that of Malti. It was because the stars promising marriage were almost the same in both the charts. And also, the Yoga they formed was hard to crack.

But the chart of Yogita had a plus point, her ascendant lord in both the Lagna (D-1) and Navamsha chart (D-9) was strong and influenced by Jupiter. This would mean that the rituals that one would prescribe to her will be done religiously and with utmost care. But she had done enough of them and the gain by doing them was not there. But, before prescribing her the rituals that were to be done, the areas of concerns as per her chart were evaluated and are enumerated below. I will not mention here what planet is causing what effect, as I leave it to the reader to understand that what has created which. You guys are free to leave your comment in the comment box. I assure you I will answer all of them..

Some obstructing factors here

Every mom and father have a specific influence on their child. But there are instances when sometime this influence goes beyond a certain point. As a result, some events are too spoiled & hard to mend at a later date. You can very well see that the Moon which is the karaka of the mother is negatively positioned concerning the 7th house and the 7th house Lord and similarly the positioning of the sun is not as it should be with the significations of the 7th house.

The girl Yogita was a well-qualified person doing well in her professional life. She wanted a spouse who should be better placed than her. She also wanted the spouse from the locality where she was working herself.

The younger brother to Yogita did nothing to find a good match for her. He would prefer to say only when she herself narrowed down on one.

An over caring family gradually ruined any prospects of marriage.

Now a more in-depth study of the chart of Yogita:

The planets are negating the marriage.

How these marriage negating planets gained strength; because they are fed by Moon (Mother), Sun (Father) and Mars (Brother).

If these fellows do not try to over help, the marriage negating planets would not have gained that much strength. As a result, the wedding would have happened in time.

The next question would be: would the marriage survive, and the answer to this riddle is, yes! Very much because the onus to get the union moving in not on just one shoulder but on both the spouse so that a well-matched chart would have saved the marriage.

Easy Solutions & advise :

Now, what I prescribed to Yogita:

To gain some strength and search for a groom for herself and not to bother to find him in the same town.

Do not indulge his brother in marriage negotiations at all; it is none of his business.

Just apprise her parents what she was doing, do not indulge them as they will further ruin any possibility.

Advised them for proper matching of the charts before initiating any further talks.

I further advised that she, not a dollar minting machine which is working for no one (possibly).

Also asked her to pray to Lord Vishnu is a specific way, He would grant her the required strength.

Further more suggested her some specific spans of time where should be more attentive. Because during that time, transiting stars would favour better to find the suitable prospect.

It was hard for her, but I knew that she would manage, (remember the time/date she entered my office).

The Final Outcome


Yogita got married. Both husband & wife work in different places, but still they have a more contented life. The mom and dad are still a nagging factor as for them she has married against their will.

The brother is now always mad at her as he has lost easy access to her money. But pregnant she is and hopeful for a lovely life ahead, which she will have.

As far as Malti is concerned, she too married once she lost her mother, but she lost on time. The brother of Malti could never get on his feet. Because he had easy access to her money for a bit too long which probably he lost now .

The planets are there to tell and caution, but, blindly we follow and fall into their trap. The most difficult of the charts are those in which the native does not tend to learn.

Marriage Compatibility factors are also inevitable.

Identifying Good Marriage Yoga leads us to next step of analyzing marriage compatibility factors. These factors play very important & inevitable role in the overall success of married life. People relying only on Gun Milan can err in their decisions. Many make errors here & sometimes carrying the married relations become a liability. Here also post married counselling sessions can resolve the issues before we resort to menace like Divorce etc.

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