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DLF Cybercity’s Brand New Commercial Spaces Is The Blurred Distinction Between Strictly Commercial And Retail Spaces

DLF Cybercity, the sprawling banner under which DLF markets its IT focussed workspaces, is now present in Gurugram, Chennai and Hyderabad.
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Saturday, July 21, 2018 by dlfcybercity 1 month ago
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By all expert estimation, India is on the cusp of a major transformation. Though a more open economy has fostered progressive ideas about work, the next generation of urbanization and gentrification is sure to dwarf what has been before. This will involve growing masses of young people joining better paying, higher value technology jobs. City neighbourhoods will expand as young families take shape. But the shift will be most visible, when multinational corporations employing this growing workforce rent commercial office spaces to accommodate this growing number of workers.

DLF seems like it has already seen the future. This is why it has developed a network of standardized, cutting edge mixed commercial spaces in the big metros. DLF Cybercity, the sprawling banner under which DLF markets its IT focussed workspaces, is now present in Gurugram, Chennai and Hyderabad. In each of these cities, DLF Cybercity has transformed the local tech infrastructure, playing host to the numerous multinationals. Besides, each DLF Cybercity houses some of the biggest shopping brands in the world, which explains why most are multi-phase developments. DLF’s catalogue of superlative office spaces also includes DLF IT Park in Kolkata, a new destination of choice for corporate bigwigs in the city looking to rent commercial office space.

Though each of the establishments are separated by the length and breadth of the country, there has been a distinct effort to standardize features. Each DLF development has been designed based on the same aesthetics, which mandates a more even ratio of open and built up spaces. The stringent fire safety measures are another strain of commonality shared by the different developments. Added to this are creature comforts, like an easily accessible medical centre, a creche, banking services and almost anything an individual might need during an extended visit or during a workday.

The other defining feature of DLF’s brand new commercial spaces is the blurred distinction between strictly commercial and retail spaces. There is a new trend to cross pollinate customers of retail and corporate establishments. This is done by allowing seamless access from and to offices and retail spaces. More than simply increasing business though, this subtle shift in design has engendered a more wholesale change in work attitudes. Suddenly, the self-conscious drudgery of work has been replaced with a festive atmosphere of individual choice and entertainment.

Nowhere is that more apparent in the recreational facilities that DLF has included wherever possible. It almost seems like a purposeful effort to draw people away from their workstations to indulge their other senses. There is almost a routine of rejuvenation set out for them, in a circuit which includes quiet refuge areas, well done up workout zones and even dedicated games areas. Even the most conscientious among us, do need to let their hair down and here is the perfect opportunity!

That is the key word to define DLF’s commercial mixed spaces – a sea of opportunity, to fulfil organizational and individual goals simultaneously. DLF have built spaces that are changing the aesthetics of life itself. For more details about rent commercial office spaces in Gurgaon, please log on to

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