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Benefits Of Avoiding The Chemical Test

Being charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is something that you will often come across in Texas. You canbe charged with a DWI if your blood alcohol level is .08 or if you are not fit physically or mentally while you are driving. Whatever be the situation, if you arrested for DWI offense in Texas, then you should immediately appoint an experienced DWI Houston attorneyto rescue you from this situation.
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Dealing With A DWI Charge
A DWI is basically a serious charge which can have a harsh impact on your life and you may face criminal justice. When alleged with DWI charges it can lead to heavy fines, increased rate of insurance, community service and spending hours in drunk driving school. When you appoint a DWI Houston lawyer, he or she focuses on fighting your DWI case and tries to bring back your life to the normal pace as soon as possible. Normally, if a law enforcement officer suspects that you are impaired, he might drag the investigation further and you are asked to undergo the field sobriety test. This test is known to add some light to the level of intoxication present in your blood. But you should be aware that, performing this test is not mandatory, you may even refuse. In that case, you should be mentally prepared to be arrested in some cases depending on the mood of the officer. Even after you have been arrested, the officer might ask you to take up the breath or blood test again. He is even bound to explain to you the consequences of refusing both orally and in writing. A statutory warning is also used for such purposes.

Why Refuse
When you are forced to take the breath analysis test, if you are not comfortable, you have every right to refuse. Avoiding a BAC test can help you later avoid a DWI conviction. There are certain associated benefits of refusing the blood or breath test like:

  • The officer-in-charge will have to leave the spot without any solid evidence of your DWI. He will not have any BAC document that he could later use against your trial.
  • You don’t have to forcefully defend yourself against an inaccurate Intoxilyzer 5000 result.
  • The prosecution may find it difficult to prove your DWI, as you have refused to take the sobriety test on the spot.

Contact An Experienced DWI Lawyer
It is true, that you can definitely refuse to take up a breath analysis test, but then later in order to defend your act you need the support of an expert DWI lawyer. It is only with the help of a professional DWI Lawyer you can successfully come out of the charge. He or she will fight for you for the suspension of a license at the hearing of the Administrative License Revocation Program (ALR) and also help you get an occupational license. While appointing the DWI attorney go for someone who has good negotiation skills.

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