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Happiness in Sharing a room with your Flatmates!!

sharing an apartment is always a better decision over living alone in Mumbai. It is helpful to you financially as well as emotionally.
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Friday, August 3, 2018 by shreyasharma 2 weeks ago
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Most of us have experience of staying at hostels or PGs during their bachelor life and without any doubt, those were the best days of lives, weren't they? What makes those days of struggle the best days of your life is your roommates. Those evil creatures you call friends and can't live without giving you memories of a lifetime.

Some people prefer to live alone during their bachelor years, they might live very conveniently but they miss all the fun. Bachelor years are the most amazing years of your life because you live with your friends these days. It starts with you sharing a room with a stranger and slowly it gets converted into the friendship of a lifetime. These flatmates become your family with whom you can share every happiness and every sorrow. This is your family away from home.

It's not just about fun but sharing a room in Malad West helps you financially too. You can share the rent of the apartment, electricity bill, wifi charges, cost of groceries and every other bill with your flatmates. Even when you go out to eat you can split the bill among yourselves. Living alone might save you some nuisance but proves really expensive.

Everyone hits low at some point in their lives. When you are away from home and you are going through the bad patch of your life, there should be someone around to support you. Your flatmates will do that job. They are like your family and they will help you come out of any worst thing that's happening to you. Living alone and having no one to share your feelings with can put you into depression. Social life is necessary for a human being to stay healthy and at peace.

Most of the plans that involve only you doing something marvelous thing remain pending but when someone else is part of the plan then the probability of its execution increases. Together we can motivate each other to go on that adventurous trek, take that pilate class, go to the gym each morning, participate in the marathon, go on the Ladakh trip finally and many such things. When your flatmate is in it with you, you can do anything. Alone you will just make plans but together you will execute it.

Sharing rooms in Malad west might prove to be the best thing you do in your life. You will get family that accepts your crazy self and is wild like you. You will make lots of good memories with your flatmates and that you can recall and laugh each time you guys meet at get together.


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