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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Bournemouth Gardens - A Dream Come True

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Friday, August 3, 2018 by StephCooper 2 weeks ago
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If you are wondering how best to spend your free day why not hop to Bournemouth and visit its famous gardens? This will be a walk to remember -3 kilometres of greenery, different attractions and all in all tropical vibe. The city is located on the lovely South coast of the UK and it is the complete opposite of the rainy capital. The warm sea currents bring good weather all year around and this is amongst the only places on the island where palm tree and ferns grow undisturbed by the cold British showers.

How Did It All Begun

In the 1800s the land where now are located the famous Bournemouth gardens was nothing more than a big marsh filled with mosquitoes and wild plants. Gradually the former owners of the land started working towards carefully cultivating the land and transforming it. The well-known Upper, Central and Lower Gardens were joined in one in 1872. Since then each garden was developed in its own unique way.

The Dreamy Lower Garden of Bournemouth

After a much-disputed contest in 1871, the design and construction of the Lower Gardens were entrusted to Mr Philip Henry Tree. And his creative vision was made a reality soon after with colourful flower beds and vast walking paths the Garden came to life.

In the mid 20th century was the biggest remodelling of the Lower Garden - charming little waterfall appeared all around the large ornamented rock gardens.

The territory which the Lower Gardens occupy is not big but there are so many things to see and do there with a walk alongside the seashore being one of the most preferred.

For all animal-lovers, there is an exotic aviary, where you can marvel at the beauty of all kinds of different species and the best part is that the majority of them are rescued birds.

If bird watching isn't your thing you can always go and play some mini-golf or go visit one of Britain's biggest open-air art exhibition.

The Green Central Garden

The Central Garden has been kept almost unchanged from the 19th century. The greenery, trees and shrubs are in the most part the same. If you want to walk through a century-old forest in the middle of the busy city, this is the perfect place.

In 1903 the tennis courts were moved from the Upper Garden to the Central and since then they have become a preferred place for young people and families with small children. Here you can also find a play park with a zip line and lots of amazing playgrounds and swings.

The Central Gardens were chosen for the construction of a War Memorial after the end of WWI. It is situated in the middle of a rose “sea” and can be easily spotted.

Bournemouth’s Delightful Upper Garden

The land on which the Upper Garden was built was the most unappealing architecture wised. The terrain was practically a big, marsh-like lake with almost no drainage. But here came the imaginative British spirit and the potential problem was solved in the most peculiar way. Tons of broken pottery were delivered and used as a drainage material. After the land had been water-freed, the renovation and rejuvenation process started. It brought to the construction of one of the most formidable gardens in South Britain.

Teams of gardening specialists worked towards creating a natural foresty look mixed with modern attractions. The last remodelling of the Garden was in 1992 when a pleasant seating area was created alongside the new meadow walking paths.

The Upper Gardens have a unique layout and are separated into three different sections according to the plants there - a European Garden, an Asian Garden and a North American garden.

A lot of wildlife lives in the gardens with one of the most notable residents being a couple of bats and bird species. A beautiful old water tower supplies the water needed for the streams and the gorgeous fountain.

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