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Real Estate Website Development Tips That Really Work

Learn from this article how real estate website development able to attract new customers to your physical business as well as what marketing tricks and features on your website for real estate contribute to achieve it.
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Creating a business without any digital presence means lost opportunities. Since modern technologies are a kind of booster for real estate entrepreneurs and they are able to turn a simple web page into the magnet for customers if used properly. Let's learn how to build a successful income-generating website for real estate business.

A website as a reflection of your business

Over 2.5 billion people use the Internet daily and about 60% of them buy something or contact a company. Moreover, according to the National Association of Realtors, 100% of home shoppers were using the Internet to look for apartments.

Real estate website development: Statistics of the Internet usage

Internet usage statistics

If the absence of a website means lost opportunities, then a bad one literally makes your business look bad. Nowadays, there are so many real estate website developers and designers with affordable per hour rates that it is inexcusable not to give due attention to it.

The design should not only look gorgeous but also be planned with an emphasis on goals you want to reach with its help.

Design is where it all begins

Many agents believe that even an outdated website of real estate is enough for their business. Well, they are completely wrong.

Design is no longer only a means of visualization but a powerful tool to access consumers' minds. Hence, there are some established trends of how one digital product or another should look. For example, web products should be neat, beautiful, and informative.

Mankind has managed to get used to these trends in quite a short period of time. A plethora of studies claims that improved user interface contributes to increased conversion. Thus, products violating modern design canons confuse them and they start suspecting that something is wrong because it does not look like a normal website they are used to seeing.

Statistics claim that most users stick around a website less than 59 seconds and if nothing captures their attention - they leave. You have only 59 seconds!

Moreover, 70% of modern users leave the website in case they did not find the information they are interested in while looking through the page. Even if the information was present but was not noticed - you are losing leads. Thus, your design team has to make sure that all the needs of your audience are satisfied with their work.

Now do you see why is it extremely important to place high bets on the appearance of your real estate site? Make its content informative and well-arranged, add a pinch of easy navigation, and mix that all with modern design trends. Keeping these easy tips in mind, over time you will double traffic as well asincrease trust in your brand.

Lets consider examples of good and bad designs.

Realty website design: example of good website for real estate

Example of good design

Why is it good?

  • Fresh and modern
  • Navigation is simple and comprehensive
  • Attention is captured due to background video 

Realty website design: example of bad website for real estate

Example of bad design

Why is it bad?

  • Does not correspond modern trends
  • Does not capture attention
  • Hard to navigate  

Rule the web

We have already shed some light on the design itself and now lets talk about how to force your real estate website content to work for you.

Combining some marketing tricks with the design, it is possible to force your leads into doing whatever it is that's rewarding for you. Such tricks are called call to action. It is difficult to imagine a successful real estate website without this component.

What is call to action? It is a catching element on the web page that allows users to take some actions. For example, subscribe to newsletters, contact the company etc.

Real estate website marketing: call-to-action element

Call to action element example

How to determine appropriate call to action elements for real estate? Easily! Build these elements based on your customers needs. I mean, the majority of users who are looking for apartments online want to get necessary information as fast as possible. To that kind of information we can refer:

  • Property view
  • House evaluation
  • Mortgage information
  • Surrounding information (schools, restaurants etc.)
  • Contact a realtor 

Let's move away from theory and consider examples of good and bad call to actions in realty website design.

Real estate website marketing: example of good call-to-action

Example of a good call to action

Why is it good?

  • All call to action elements are the most noticeable parts of the page
  • These elements looks alluring
  • It is clear from the first glance what the website wants from visitors

Real estate website marketing: example of bad call-to-action

Example of bad call to action

Why is it bad?

  • Lack of call to action elements
  • Existing elements are not alluring
  • The website is rather about the company and does not provide users with what they want to get

Real estate website features

Having a gorgeous design, you may not worry about the rule of 59 seconds since a good first impression is already in your pocket.

Now, it is high time to move from what your customers want to see to what they actually want to do. Lets talk about real estate website features itself.

Features of your website should be aimed at solving customers' problems connected with property selection. If your resources help make a decision - you may start highlighting those places in a contract where a user need to sign. Likewise, useful real estate tools help to form an army of loyal customers.

Let's see what features may be in handy for future homeowners.

Live streaming

When it comes to apartment selection, the question that interests customers most of all is the property's interior and exterior.

Unfortunately, photos cannot cover all the points needed to make a decision immediately. Live streaming allows you to involve your customers deeper into the process as well as stimulate their interests towards purchasing.

How does it work? The properties for sale are posted on your house selling site. To take a closer look at the selected house, everyone willing can fill in the 'Live' form in order to get the invitation of the live broadcast. So, everyone can watch it using any device.

In turn, the representative of the company or you personally with the help of the smartphone's camera can conduct this translation showing the house to viewers and get feedbacks through the live chat.

Real estate website development: why users need a video

Reasons why home shoppers need a video (Source: National Association of Realtors

Virtual excursion

Nowadays, there are several services focused on real estate website platforms. Their integration is able to provide your users with a possibility to walk over the home by clicking the mouse. Also, they may have the excursion in VR by switching the mode.

You may choose virtual excursions as an alternative to live streaming. This technology will also provide your customers with a detailed tour of the house. However, in this case, you could not communicate with users and take requests to demonstrate something for them in more detail.

How to attract customers to your real estate site?

A website is a kind of investment and you need to draw customers' attention in order to gain revenue and pay off all the expenses. Let's discuss how to do it.


The most obvious way to promote the digital product is Google AdWords advertising. There is no need to hire specialists since it is really easy to use and everybody can quickly adjust this tool to their needs and budget.

The detailed statistics will help you to see the results of your real estate website marketing campaign and understand whether everything is going according to the plan.

Real estate website marketing: Google AdWords

Campaigns statistics in Google AdWords

Make your customers feel special

To achieve increased conversion on your real estate website and make it more useful for clients, you may adjust email subscriptions allowing customers to get invitations to various events. For example, real estate auctions, the open of new buildings, some parties connected with real estate etc.

You may also sort all these events by clients, depending on the size of a deal or think over some other options. This step will help you to increase the percent of repeat business. Wherein, your customers will feel like they are in a VIP club.

Build your referral program

It is not a secret that a great number of deals in real estate business fall on repeat business. A website is a great opportunity to double the number of these deals.

91% of clients are ready to give referrals. Providing both sides with little bonuses (i.e. free property search, discount on further services etc.), it will be as profitable for you as it is pleasant and useful for them.

How does it work? Firstly, you need to choose the most suitable customers for your program. Every chosen clients should receive an email with detailed descriptions of the program and its benefits as well as notifications whether he or she agrees to participate or not.

Further implementation depends on the variety of factors that needed to be discussed with your real estate web developers.

What do you need to do?

  • Think the program's conditions through
  • Choose the customers for your referral program
  • Think about possible bonuses
  • Create emails telling customers about your program and asking for agreements to participate
  • Develop a page allowing your customers to give referrals information
  • Make a kit showing the referrals some insight information about your business (i.e. videos, studies, eBooks etc.)

Final words

As we can see, every detail matters when it comes to the creation of an income-generating website. From design and features to marketing tricks.

As a result, you will get a qualitative digital product that is convenient for your target audience as well as something that is profitable for you.

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