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What was your next purchase Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone X

These two devices often face each other when they release the next important product, but what wins did this phone make
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Thursday, August 9, 2018 by johnrobinsonmobile 2 weeks ago
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These two devices often face each other when they release the next important product, but what wins did this phone make in this round? This is everything you need to know...

Apple's iPhone X, which began selling in November last year, is the company's most expensive 999-pound smartphone ever.

It is also the most powerful, attractive and powerful mobile phone ever made by Apple.

The phone is based on a full-screen front end, which plugs a 5.8-inch large-screen OLED screen into a relatively small body.

With the Apple A11 Bionic chip, the ultra-fast performance and the new dual-lens camera capture outstanding photos.

In The Sun's comments, it's called the best smartphone ever, and its resale value means it could be your best mobile investment ever.

- Waterproof - The iPhone X is IP67 rated, which means it is soaked under water for a depth of 30 minutes and then live to tell the story.

- Wireless charging - It also supports wireless charging, so if you have a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad (the most common type) then you will be able to charge your iPhone X without plugging in any cables.

- Facial recognition - Probably the most famous iPhone X feature, the facial recognition system is a facial recognition system that replaces the old Touch ID fingerprint scanner. It works by learning the key details of your face and then scanning your mind to verify your identity when you want to unlock your phone.

- Animoji - Since the iPhone X's self-timer camera can sense depth, it can accurately map your face and its movements. This means you can create fun clips of cute cartoon characters that mimic your own facial movements.

- Portrait Selfie - The iPhone X has an impressive self-timer camera that captures awesome studio portraits. Check out our iPhone X Selfie Guide here.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be launched in Brooklyn, New York on August 9th, a few months before Apple's latest iPhone.

Samsung's 'Note' smartphone is often the company's most powerful and impressive device.

They are built for advanced users who need the best performance and are willing to spend a lot of money on new devices.

This is also the line of mobile phones that produce the Galaxy Note 7, which was eventually abandoned after the flame broke out.

- Fingerprint scanners - Some mobile phone manufacturers (including Apple) are moving away from fingerprint scanners because other forms of user identification have become more popular. But Ives believes that Samsung will retain this feature, and after Samsung recently released a leak incident, instructs the scanner to be moved below the rear camera instead of placing it next to the lens.

- Full glass screen - Filling the front end of the smartphone with the screen has become more and more popular, reducing the border to almost no existence. Samsung may further expand its "infinite display" to match almost all of Note 9's sturdy glass case to the screen.

- Advanced Camera Features - Note 9 will almost certainly be equipped with a dual lens camera that provides excellent zoom, low light image capture and better depth of field. There is also a scheming yellow S-Pen stylus inserted into the bottom of the phone, which is very interesting for up-and-coming artists and radical note-taking reporters.

- Facial recognition technology - Apple is amazed by the face recognition capabilities of the iPhone X. We are likely to see this on the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung has provided an iris scanner - verify your identity by scanning your eyes - pay attention to the phone, but the Samsung phone does not have the correct 3D map ID competitor.

- Storage enhancements - Samsung is loading incredible 1TB (or terabytes) of storage for its Galaxy Note 9 - half of it comes from microSD cards.

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